Tuesday, November 15, 2011

i hope she's haunted by her

Yesterday I paid various women around Austin to take care of my body in different ways. I started with the backwaxing, then rode Josie out to the only publicly funded nudist park in the States. A place up in the hills called Hippie Hollow. It's on a lake and surrounded by mansions. The ride out there was something else. I undressed, stretched, broke a good sweat, and then went for a swim. The water took my breathe away it was so cold, but it was just this side of tolerable. After about an hour of floating on my back, I went up on a rock and took a nap. I had an appointment for a massage at 6, and had an hour or so, so I went into a nail salon and received a pedicure from a young asian girl. It was very nice and I plan on treating myself to them on occasion from now on. She didn't say a word about my orange toe. Or at least if she did, it was in a language I failed to understand. I declined the manicure because my hands would be covered in grease and dirt all too soon. An hour massage was next and it was great. I did completely relax briefly, physically and mentally, but I caught myself and couldn't repeat it. The ride back to the house was just what I'd been waiting for and made me feel better than any of the things I'd had done. Accepting that there will be no easy fixes for the way I feel is difficult, but there's rarely any easy fixes on Josie either. 7 things usually get fixed before I figure out what the problem is. She sucked up that SeaFoam and jumped back in the ring with fight in her eyes. The starter is still giving me issues, think I'm going to have to go through that entire circuit and see what I can surmise. It could be related to the speedometer troubles. The motoshop got her new rear tire in, the front should arrive tomorrow. Still waiting on the brakepads to be delivered to Zac's so I can hit the road. Austin is amazing, Zac and Lacey are incredible, but its time for me to move.

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