Sunday, November 13, 2011

all my stories start with -we-

 I spent the morning in a place called the monkey nest. just sat and watched everyone, grazing over an apple and a pot of coffee for a couple hours. the ride yesterday was a gusty one but the best one so far, probably due to the fact that it was only half as long.         Texas          puts on a grandiose parade of space and size. Stopped at an army/navy store and found out that the helmet law isn't enforced. Felt great to ride around without one after so many recent hours encased. Zac and his girl Lacey have a hell of a setup and I'm incredibly lucky to be their guest. I have probably been to parties a dozen times with Zac but have never really just sat and talked, and I like the fella. I like his voice in particular and the fact that he smiles alot. Lacey's awesome as well. Her and I left in the early afternoon to find her something to eat. We went through numerous neat neighborhoods and much of urban Austin until we reached a parking lot where a lot of food carts sell their goods. She ate. There was people everywhere. A lot of expensive looking thrift and antique stores surrounded by bars and restaurants and other places with clever names to spend your dollars. I'd purchase something but I don't think there's even room enough for a capri sun in my bag. We rode over to  Barton Springs, a large city park,it's namesake being a spring to swim in that feeds into the river. Everyone was riding around in a canoe and I saw that it was only 12 bucks, so Lacey and I took off our shoes and got in Canoe 50. I couldn't ever remember being in a canoe and found it wonderful. We paddled out to the river in a stumbling zigzag and floated around. After a bit of this we headed back to meet Zac when he got home from work. Stretched alot throughout the day, tried on a pair of Zac's shorts and was surprised to find that I can wear a 34 now. I still thought I was a 38, and to just pull my belt good and tight. I think I'm going to begin exercising in the morning. It will undoubtedly heighten my mood. I only spent bout half an hour with Josie today. Thought she needed a nap. She cranked up and I let her run till she was cozied up and alert. Adjusted the throtte cable, idle, and clutch switch in small increments. Im gonna get her a little SeaFoam and let her soak it up around town, so I can see how it treats her while I'm not on the road. She has reacted badly to the stuff in the past, but usually once I get her cleared up she's a little more hearty than before. I decided last night that I'm not ever going to get rid of this motorcycle. She'll have to get rid of me. I wanted to marry Josie because all of the things I saw in her. She would at least consider anything I could come up with, most of the time be right there laughing with me. I asked Josie to marry me one afternoon on Allen St. We were laying in each others arms watching Mad Max and I told her I loved her for the first time and immediately asked her to marry me on Halloween during the parade. She said "yes" without any hesitation. I approached marriage in preparation to love and simply try to get along with Josie for the rest of my life. I had to make myself talk when I was upset, which I have a habit of not doing. It was hard, but I have come along way with her help. I also made myself go along with her constantly. Do things her way without any protest or reaction. Her hands were on the reins of Our life as much as mine were, and I reminded myself this frequently. I put all effort into it and she did, too. She had just a hard of time admitting she was wrong as I did, but she learned with me. Like everything else in life, we knew our relationship only took two things:

                           1. skill
                           2. determination.

I'm resting in Austin for a few more days, waiting on some parts. Tomorrow, I'm going to take care of myself like a gentleman would. Ive a massage, a shaving, a pedicure, a manicure, and a back waxing all planned, the first time I've ever had any of it done. I also plan on visiting another Army/Navy store to pick up some good rope, a gag, and a knife. I've heard rumors that West Texas is a tough place and I plan on riding out that way hoping someone tries something.

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