Saturday, November 12, 2011

babys got her teeth back (sortof)

didnt notice this till after I parked, Josie would love it.
Giving the carburetor a little more fuel did the trick with the lurch/pop, throttle cable feeling a little sticky so I lubed it up and adjusted it a bit, all this got her the go she'd been missing, but over the course of the day a slew of other problems peaked their head out of their hole to see if they could see their shadow, and they didn't see it, so they climbed out, stretched, and starting running around fucking shit up. I got some manner of short or something in the starter switch, the other night at the beach the kill switch didn't turn the engine off and now the starter intermittently doesnt do anything. If I wiggle the wire running into it, itll help it a little bit. Going to have to clean all these connections again, and double check the wires. Hopefully itll be as simple as that. Also realized that the footbrake was sticking and this was what had been taking alot of my power and causing a host of other things to go wrong I'm sure, so I just gotta try to break the habit of using it until I can get to Austin and spend a little time with it. By the end of the day, the bike was idling way too high and the starter wouldn't do a thing, had to push start each time I got gas. Wish the tank was bigger. This morning I got up and adjusted the clutch cable, the idle, and the throttle cable again. Just got to make it to Austin. As I ride I've been trying to focus on expecting nothing though, just watching things happen, accepting them, and reacting accordingly. I can do it for a minute or two but then the mind starts spewing its shit all over my peace and I forget that I'd been trying to focus. Up until recently my future was populated with adventure, beautiful children, and the supportive, encouraging love of an amazing individual. Now, who knows? If I had to guess, I'd say my future involves pushing Josie down the road a few miles in central texas.

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