Sunday, December 4, 2011

beans new beachview

some art in the mission
some art we all did        

stayed busy for a week, teased from within to keep moving, long walks, aimless rides, a good deal of dancing in place, there was some manner of photography crew near a fountain and i got excited because i thought they were going to tape my reaction when josie jumped out, got my hands on a few different pairs of shoes, got down to the Y on Buchanan, sore somewhere most days, josie and I slapped the ride to Davis on Thursday with a well hung gauntlet, she growled up a hell of a parade the whole way there. they almost eat too well at Jason's, I went up there with my intentions on the Wizard party they were throwing Saturday night. Jason drove me around in a car listening to the shondells to shop all day. we all got pretty good costumes and spent the afternoon preparing the butterpat house for  a good ol stomp spell, a cast of characters descended upon the invitation and we showed each other how to shake a groove for hours. If its nice and sunny out tomorrow I think I might take  Josie out for a bath, tighten and tug on her till shes struttin in heels.I pulled the broken turn signal lense cover off and got her a new one on the way. i been missing my home all these days so bad my belly  hurts.

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